Cuffed to a St. Andrew’s Cross, hot stubble-faced fuckboy Jacobi Hazel twists his feet and tugs at the cuffs around his wrists nervously as Master Dominic enters the dungeon. His mouth held open with a steel bit, he’s a bound captive for the Master to have his fun. He lets out a scared groan as Dominic holds him by the chin. “No noise outta you!" Dominic barks as he ponders how to use the slave boy. He yanks Jacobi’s nipples and bites one. “You fuckin’ LIKE that, don’t you?" he remarks when he sees the slave’s cock swelling up from the attention. He slaps the harnessed dick and low hanging nuts. “Yes sir, YES sir," Jacobi mumbles incoherently through his mouth bit. Dominic takes the swollen cock into his mouth, alternately stiffening the cock and tormenting with smacks and nut squeezes.

“You’re a dirty little fucking faggot, aren’t you?!" he demands, and Jacobi agrees with a nod. Pulling the nipple clamps held together by a leather strap, he warns his slave not to make a move. A slender crop reddens the boy’s thighs, as precum oozes out to splatter the floor below. Dominic pulls off the nipple clamps with a rough yank and asks “Ready for more?!" When the first crack of the cat o’ nine tails whips across Jacobi’s ass, Dominic promises to give that asshole the cock it deserves. He bites the firm cheeks of Jacobi’s butt and moves his relentless whipping from ass cheeks to his slave’s muscular back. “I think you’ve had enough for one fucking day…"