Right off the bat, we’re treated to a behind the scenes prologue of our two models being instructed in the protocols and precautions taken in shooting a bondage kink scene and showing their understanding and agreement. Then the hot action begins.

Bald and horny Greg Riley’s cuffed and chained in a leather vest and jock when dom muscleman top Travis Connor, bearded, bald, hairy and in a baseball cap, strides in to inspect his new plaything. Yanking the sub’s tender nips and smacking his chest, thighs and butt, Travis asserts his ownership. “Look at those bitch tits! Are you MY fuckin’ bitch today!?" he growls, and helpless Riley moans out “Yes, SIR!" Open hand spanking turns to flogging ass with a cat 'o nine tails, and Greg’s diggin’ every sharp thwack! His meaty butt gets further tenderized with a long wand whacked across every sensitive area. Greg dangles over Travis’ hot hairy muscle torso and plants a boot next to each side of his waist. Slowly lowering onto Travis’ stiff raw cock, Riley obediently grinds down onto every rockhard inch.

“You want that dick? You my fuckin’ SLUT?!" Travis demands, and Riley assures him “Yes, yes sir!" as his ass is pounded full of bareback hole splitter. Then cuffed hands to the bench with ass wide open, Greg gets his throbbing anus licked and sucked by the horny top till it’s pulsing and dripping wet with spit and lube. Travis slides in balls deep and starts thrusting. Every third or fourth thrust is accompanied by a sharp slap to his firm ass. Riley’s butt reddens as Travis pulls out and whips it with a crop and a couple paddles. He smears oil across the rosy red cheeks and into the crack, then plows the horny bottom with a small then a huge black dildo.




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