■クレジットカード決済につきまして、現在一部のブランド (Visa・Master・AMEX) がご利用いただけない配信サイトがございます。動画ご購入の際はコンビニの「BitCash (ひらがな型電子マネー)」がおすすめです。ビットキャッシュは各種クレジットカードがご利用いただけます

ビットキャッシュ bitcash.jp open-new-tab.png

bitcash.jp で会員登録 (無料) [登録手順 >]、コンビニで購入したBitCashカードやクレジットカードでビットキャッシュにチャージ [サービスガイド >]、各配信サイトでビットキャッシュ決済を選択してポイント購入する、という流れです。


ファミペイ バーチャルカードopen-new-tab.png

「ファミペイ バーチャルカード」は年会費・発行手数料が無料で、審査もありません。「誰でも・ファミペイから・すぐに」発行することが可能です。ネットのお店でのJCBカード払いやFamiPayオンライン決済支払いだけでなく、街のJCB加盟店、QUICPay加盟店、翌月払いなど、設定次第で幅広く便利にご利用になれます。


Sexy Asian muscleboy Reach always seems to have a trick up his sleeve, especially when a new trick is waiting to bed him. Zen is quite a prize, and Reach wants to make the most of their first hookup. But this time around it’s Zen who’s the trickster, as he offers bedridden Reach a bit of “medicine" to make him forget all about his cold and give up his asshole to the handsome blonde. Coughs turn to kisses and Zen’s dick is just the magic cure Reach needs. Next thing you know they’re both horny as fuck, and DTF.

Zen’s medicine swells up and slides between Reach’s legs as they grind their gonads together. The tan muscleman wraps his powerful thighs around Zen and his own dick springs to life. Zen scoots down to take Reach’s tool into his hungry throat, then gives his new buddy’s hole a wet treatment to get it slick and ready for plowing. Grabbing his “patient" by the nips, Zen slides in raw and deep, to groans of satisfaction from the good-looking buttboy. Reach rolls onto his lean stomach and pops up his booty for a royal ramming. The bed’s a rockin’ and Zen’s cock is knockin’. He pulls out his magic medicine stick and squirts a bit of manly potion to his no longer ailing fuckbud. Reach manages a thick geyser of cum, and helpful Zen offers a taste of that rich and powerful medicine. Miracle cures really do exist–just ask horny and healthy Reach!


ZEN ぜん [@iam_zen_1] REACH 理一 りいち [@sexboy_reach_]


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