Smooth, handsome San Diegan Hans Raw is not the prickly type, so you might be surprised that his hobby is growing and collecting cacti and succulents in his tiny home garden. More expected is this lean, muscular stud’s love for working out at the gym. He likes pushing things to the limit, in and out of the bedroom. August-born Hans is drawn to the warm lazy days of summer at the San Diego beaches, where he likes lying in the warm sand and paddle boarding into the surf. All this activity has the lucky effect of building up Hans’ meaty thighs and firm round ass. And that’s also the first thing that attracts him in other guys. That and a healthy helping of self confidence, which he also finds powerfully attractive.

Hans’ sexual awakening came courtesy of the tv series “Queer As Folk" when he realized that he identified with the gay characters, choosing that lifestyle he admired and looked forward to. He likes sex and watching porn, and realized that he was up and ready to try his hand (and all the other parts) as an erotic model. And PeterFever was the first site he was eager to take part in. In the shower, Hans lathers up those strong legs and sexy butt, giving the camera a seductive glint. His cock grows with the awareness we are watching, and he begins stroking under the warm spray. He pumps into his beating fist and rinses out with a stream of hot pee. Soon it’s time to let his sperm fly. Hans groans with satisfaction as his cum geysers out to splash onto the tiles below.




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