Despite his imposing name, Titan Drago’s the kind of guy to take home to your parents. He’s clean-cut, ripped and handsome, like a college athlete. But under that mild-mannered exterior there’s a tough little fucker that would inspire you to take him home to BED. He’s built and XXL hung, with a chest tattoo of a feather dissolving into a flock of flying birds. A sparkling ear stud on each side marks him as someone wanting to break out of the good guy stereotype his looks might misdirect you toward.

Titan drops his clothes on his way into the room, anxious to get his hands on that massive meat monster lurking in his pants. The camera whirls around to catch a good look at his smooth, hairless muscle booty. His pubes are thick and downy, the kind we’d like to bury our faces into. And that uncut cock, with its big shiny head and thick smooth shaft. Tasty, to say the least. he strokes his dick intently with a look of appreciation for the perfect tool he’s been gifted. Sitting on the stone floor, he shifts his legs apart to give us a peek into the warm brown hole, surrounded by a dusting of downy fur that reaches up behind his smooth nutsack. As he beats off, that giant cock gets stiffer, thicker and even longer. The tawny foreskin wrinkles a bit as he yanks, and it glides over the head. He purrs out a low moan as he gets close, then a stream of sperm oozes out and slickens his cock and beating fist. His spurting cock spasms with satisfaction, popping up and down from his tight abs. Titan stands smiling, helicopters his fucktool, licks his lips and flexes his big butt for us once more for the road.