【YoshiKawasakixxx】Sewer Pig



Yoshi isn’t playing when he douses himself with piss or drinks it down. This is just how he lives. He’s dressed like a true piss pig, clad in shiny black shorts with a yellow panel in the front where he lets the piss flow to soak his legs and boots. Filling a couple condoms with a hot stream, he knots them, lets them hang from his ear piercings.

Nipple suckers attached, he plays with his sensitive pumped nips. Yoshi drinks from a piss-filled water bottle, lets it dribble down his neck and chest. He catches a hot stream to his face with a wicked smile, sucks on the piss condoms till they break in his mouth. Rubber sheets on the floor soaked, he crawls through the puddles and turns his cock upward to piss on himself. Face down and drenched, Yoshi slurps up the warm pools with an air of satisfaction only a sewer pig can know.