【YoshiKawasakixxx】Balls Out



On a hot, sunny Tokyo afternoon, Hiroya steps out onto a large balcony to catch some rays. Sweaty and horned-up, he lies back with one hand on his big hard dick and another reaching for his nips. Just above a busy public street, he’s visible to passersby and neighbors and he knows it as he strips naked and starts jerking. Any natural exhibitionist loves that risk, and it makes him hotter and bolder as he strokes. He pumps his perfect ass, grabs the railing and gazes down at the street. Every moan gets louder as he performs. Hiroya closes his eyes, tosses his head back and lets a big creamy load spray out onto the deck and concrete stairs below. Shaking off his spurting dick, he grabs his shirt and heads back inside.


yk-220831 HIROYA ヒロヤ ひろや